The flawlessly flawed podcast with Caroline Matthews


Your host is Caroline Matthews, business & mindset strategist and 5x award winning fashion designer and founder of The Luxe Collective.


With her conversational podcast episodes and relatable stories, Caroline will keep you motivated to build your business and help you feel less alone as you navigate the ups and downs of business and just being a woman.


She is unapologetic in her content and her voice. She reminds women that being flawlessly flawed is something to be celebrated not hidden away, this podcast is for women of any kind who are ready to get out of their own way on their business journey. 

Subscribe today to discover how to love your flawlessly flawed self, embrace your weirdness, love the woman who looks back at you in the mirror and get out of your own way so you can become a more productive, empowered, limitless woman.

New episodes are published every Wednesday 

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" Caroline has every right to be arrogant and full of herself. Her credentials as a fashion designer are impeccable, yet not only is she is truly modest, she is the most original and insightful cheerleader for women ever seen. Like a lighthouse in the dark , her voice gives a clear message that can finally guide us to our true selves in a sea of ridiculous nonsense in this world. Congratulations Caroline you're on the cutting edge of being able to up level women from all walks of life" 


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