Introduction to Caroline


Welcome to the Luxe Collective

Hey lovely, I'm Caroline Matthews

Award winning Fashion Designer & Business/Mindset Coach.

I show 40 something female entrepreneurs starting out in business how to start & grow their online business and sky rocket their confidence online so they can create their dream life and impact the world.


I'm a half English, half Indian 40 something, matcha latte obsessed, 80's music lovin woman who said YES to becoming her own boss many years ago & who's mission in this world is to empower women to say YES to the life they have dreamed of create the life they dream of and be the woman they truly desire to be.

I love to talk which is probably why I have my own podcast The Flawlessly Flawed Podcast  Did I mention I'm a multi award winning fashion designer with a global brand!!! (yup that's also me)

I'm also the woman behind TLC, an empowerment coach for women & a Business & Mindset strategist for women. I’m guessing you’re ready to become the best version of yourself that you can be. And you’re in exactly the right place!

TLC is a pretty magical, inspiring, empowering, motivating space... I'll let you see you for yourself.




Want to know a secret? I have been told I have secret super powers...


Because I'm super creative and an award winning Fashion Designer too... I literally can bring your vision to life, for your business, your life and for YOU.

I don't stop there.... before you leave me, you will also be dressing like the woman you have stepped into. Meaning you leave me...


A  limitless, Unapologetic, Xtraordinary and Empowered woman...

I mean that's what L.U.X.E stands for...


Our mission with The Luxe Collective is to help mission driven, soul led women with their personal & business journey. We are here to help you create the business you want, the life you dreamed of. All whilst becoming the woman you want to be.

We believe that every woman has a voice and needs to be heard and every woman has the power to be unapologetically who they are and change the world by being who they are.

Our core value is to bring strong women together to build a luxe community where women can thrive personally and in their business & support the next generation of women to do the same.

Ready to live your most Confident & Unapologetic Life?

I thought so... from me to you. A free audio to start living your most confident life 

The Flawlessly Flawed Podcast is a podcast sharing empowerment, personal growth and life advice for women like you and me so we can navigate this crazy world as women and entrepreneurs.


The mission for the podcast is really to remind women to embrace our flaws. We are flawlessly flawed and its time to own it, embrace it, love it and go out into the world as the truest version of yourself possible. As a mindset/business coach & personal development addict, I share life lessons, stories and practical tips and advice to help ambitious women step into the spotlight. New episodes are released every Wednesday.


"Don't change who you are for the world. Change the world by being you"  

We know taking those steps to CHOOSE you is scary AF. We also know that you might be worried about what others will think if you leave your corporate job behind and say hello to a new life.. Maybe you think you don't have enough time to start your own business.. but let me ask you this!! when will be the right time to choose YOU...

Some words to live by...


Caroline isn't your usual coach, you get way more for you're money with Caroline. I wanted to work with her as I am travelling the world on a lot of speaking events. Caroline brought me out of my shell. She works intuitively, with energy and emotion which i love.

She is strong and dynamic and really helped me to step into my true self in life and business. Caroline helped me become the new me. I had a mental shift, in fact all sorts of shifts. I didn't just come away with a new wardrobe but she made me realise that what we did together is lifelong work. I feel like a different person. I feel something has changed within me because I feel different. Thank you Caroline, I literally cannot wait for my new journey.

Jo Courtney - Inner Synergy

Don't Take Our Word for it

When i first met Caroline I wanted help with potentially launching my app to the world but I didn’t feel hugely confident in putting myself out there.​ Coaching with Caroline on a regular basis has not only given me the kick up the ass I needed to stand in front of my brand and own it like a true femboss but I have also made a good friend who tells me how it is.

Since working with Caroline I have launched a global app for female entrepreneurs and also own Societygal which has over 30k women on board. My mindset has changed, My confidence has completely turned around and as i keep up levelling I know I am on the path to creating more epic things in this world. Its been amazing to also work with Caroline on her first event in LA which was super successful. 

Anyone looking to work with Caroline and her team will not only step into their true self, really bring their vision to life but also be part of a community of empowering women who continue to step up which is very inspiring.

Cho Spicer - Founder of Societygal App & Femargent


My name is Caroline

I'm a mindset & business strategist who helps 40 something career women to start an online business, have the freedom they truly want, have more time, more impact & more money whilst becoming the woman they have always dreamed of being.

I'm also a multi award winning fashion designer with a global fashion brand and have showcased my collections in New York, Los Angeles, London and Ireland. Dressed celebrities, appeared on TV, all whilst running The Luxe Collective. I believe whatever you want is possible for you. 

There are no limits to what we can create.


My dream and mission with The Luxe Collective is to help women unleash their magic to the world, show you the power of knowing who you are on the inside and rising up as an empowered, limitless, unapologetic and extraordinary woman. 


A woman who is free, who speaks her truth, stands in her power. Has incredible relationships that set her soul on fire... but most importantly has an EPIC relationship with herself as she can create a business and life that is exactly how she CHOSE it to be, not how the world told her it should be.

intensives and vip days.png

The Luxe Collective Values.


Our company values freedom, to feel free to be, create, speak and build a life for yourself that is free & to create the freedom you want.


We believe that loving yourself first and foremost, filling your own cup is how you create success & share it with others.

We operate from the motto: Your feelings are your compass.


We believe having our own principles, our own moral principles. We are honest with ourselves so we can be open & honest with others, always operating from our highest self.


Connection is a part of who we are. Feeling connected to ourselves and with other women builds support & confidence. Connection to yourself.


We believe truth is part of who we are. True to ourselves, Be you, Be true. We always stay true to who we are and share that truth with the world.


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I can help you build the vision you want

and the freedom you want to create




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