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It't time for the new you to step up!

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So you want more Time, Money & Freedom? 


Um, Yes Please!!


Fancy a slice of Confidence, Empowerment, Magic and Impact so you can show up in your business and life as the incredible woman you are? 


Amazing, if you’re nodding your head, you’re in the right place..


(drum roll please) Welcome to Step into your spotlight.

every next level of you requires a new version of you.

Are you ready to bring the vision of your business and new YOU to life? Increase your income and BECOME the woman you desire to be?


What would it feel like to:


  • Re discover your Identity


  • Design your soulful business with Ease and Flow


  • Get more time to spend with your loved ones 


  • All whilst making the IMPACT & INCOME you dream of?

Imagine finally working from home, choosing the hours you want to work, breaking off to spend time with your family without feeling guilty. Sharing your vision with the world and looking at the woman in the mirror every single day and feeling so PROUD of her?

Do You Feel Like?


  • You’re afraid to take the leap in case you don’t match your corporate salary and end up crawling back to your job?


  • You don’t have the confidence to claim your dreams of starting your own business and becoming the woman you VISUALISE being?


  • You’re worried others might think you are bat S**t crazy leaving your well oiled job to take a risk on your dream business?


  • You wanted to be the CEO of your life but instead you are working for a CEO and giving so much of your time to someone else?


  • You’re scared of looking stupid if things don’t work out so you figure, its better to just not rock the boat?


  • You have no idea how to start bringing your big VISION to life and already feel overwhelmed at what it might take?

I know how all this feels.. Don't worry. I got you.

Ready to meet your new bestie in town? The woman who embraces all her weirdness and flaws and turns them into her superpower!


That’s me...


When I first started my global fashion business many moons ago. Little did I know about what it would really take to get me the global success I have today.


I didn’t realise just how much belief I had to have in my dream to make it into a BIG and POSSIBLE reality. I was ridiculously overwhelmed and lacked serious confidence in putting myself out there incase I was judged by others, I looked stupid or worst case. I FAILED.


I learnt the hard way.  In all honesty I wouldn't change a single part of my journey to becoming a 5x award winning Fashion & Bridal Designer with a GLOBAL business. It’s enabled me to not only continue to run my award winning fashion business but also support amazing women like you to go after their dreams.


I LOVE being a successful business & mindset mentor to women, hosting events all over the world and living what i like to call my dream.


And if you are here then you probably get where I am coming from and are giving me a HELL YES through the screen! You realise things have finally come to a head and it’s time to make a difference in you and your families lives and you're ready to become the CEO of your life.


I’ve spent years, in fact over 20yrs learning my craft, leaning into my magic and sharing that with the world. Through the highs and lows of business life, I know exactly what it takes to create the success in life you’re dreaming of (and I’ve wrapped it up in a stylish box so you don’t have to spend 20+ years figuring it out yourself). As a result I’m here to mentor you to create an  impactful business giving you the freedom, time and independence you truly crave. 



  • Get clear on your business vision so that you can start your dream business and create freedom for yourself.

  • Work consistently on your mindset to keep you in peak performance and moving forward to your dreams so you always feel confident in showing up online, smashing those money goals and confidently stepping into the woman you have always dreamed of being.

  • Building your business and new you based on your feelings and your intuition as your compass in business and life so that you can work from flow and ease, create a unique business to you, you can attract those dreamy clients because your business is based on you and your strengths.

  • Develop a business strategy for you and your unique business so having a business becomes fun, impactful and never like hard work.

  • Support you to always be working from your CORE zone of genius without feeling overwhelmed, that means strategies that work for YOU, giving you more time to do the things you love and create a life that is fulfilled and a business your way.

  • Dig deep on the woman you have always dreamed of being with confidence and joy so you can show up everyday never second guessing yourself, your content and your business

  • Help you to to have the confidence to be the star of your own business & life (and look like one too) without feeling like a fraud so you can always be operating from that next level version of you who is taking the world by storm completely unapologetically.


If that wasn’t enough to make you scream I’M IN CAROLINE. You will know who YOU are, who YOU are meant to be and live and breathe that woman each and every day so YOU feel like a true LUXE woman who is: Limitless. Unapologetic. Xtraordinary and Empowered.


Are you ready for this? I am ready to support you every step of the way.

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My biggest obstacle before working with Caroline was identifying who my target audience was. I wanted to achieve clarity about my brand and add other services to my business. As a fashion blogger and mumpreneur I wanted to fuse all these elements together and create a brand that i loved.

I really feel that I got the results i wanted, and would definitely recommend Caroline to other women without a doubt. She listens, she goes out of her way to help you see your vision and she is very talented and has a big vision for how she wants The Luxe Collective to be.

Caroline is also very knowledge in what she does and she actually cares about the person that she is working with to gain the results they require which you don't often find with many coaches out there.

Kattz Cathy -Style Coach, Self ~Development & Mumpreneur - New York. www.style-withintention.com

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If you are screaming at the laptop going YES I WANT THIS TOO then you are totally in the right place lovely. I have got your back and am here to literally blow your mind and help you to become the heroine of your own story.


Introducing… Step into the spotlight.


A completely bespoke 4 month 1:1 VIP experience tailored to you and your business. 


Imagine we have come to the end of the 4 months together, vibing high. You are fashionably and confidently walking away knowing that you have:


  • The tools to start the business that has been keeping you awake at night so that you can leave your corporate career.

  • You are oozing confidence in yourself so that you can make the income you know you’re meant for.

  • You have stepped into the CEO of your own life and you can now build your business around the lifestyle you have wanted so much but couldn’t as you worked for someone else.

  • You have an unstoppable mindset that is set to HOT and nothing is going to stop you from being the star of your own movie.

  • You have solid foundations in place to hit the ground running and design a soulfully aligned business.

  • A new and EMPOWERED YOU, yes a new you inside and out… Powerfully showing up, dressing like the woman you want to be, being seen in your business, impacting people’s lives all whilst living your most unapologetic and confident life.

  • NO MORE overwhelm and worry about what to do next. You have got a handbag full of proven systems and a new shiny mindset to match.

My client results include:


  • Clients leaving their corporate careers and going on to start their own business, work with high level clients and match their corporate salary.

  • Feeling confident to go out on stage, become global speakers and dress like the CEO they have always wanted to be whilst sharing their message with the world.

  • Having the confidence to put themselves first 

  • Host their first global virtual event

  • Launch the first ever female collaborative app on the market, empowering thousands of women’s lives.

  • Client re- launching her music career after having a baby!


Whilst loving the woman they have become and are becoming each and every day.



I do what I do because I give a damn about you! I don't want you to feel overwhelmed, burned out or think that you cannot have the business you want or become the woman you want to be..


I am on a mission to help 1 million women to live their most unapologetic and dream life, running the business of their dreams whilst impacting not only their own lives but the lives of others around them too.


I want more women to LOVE the woman who looks back in the mirror and be able to plan their own schedule whilst creating freedom for themselves.


I bring over 20+yrs of experience to the table as a multi award winning fashion designer. I have worked with brands, female owned businesses and have dressed celebrities, appeared on TV, been interviewed for numerous magazines AND showcased my collections in the big apple, Yup New York Baby and globally.


I don’t tell you this to impress you but rather impress upon you that anything is possible when you say YES to your dreams! And say YES to YOU. 


Working with manufacturers, travelling the world securing contracts with luxury department stores to stock my collection, negotiating 6 figure deals was one of the hardest things I have ever done and in one of the hardest industries to break into but it has been the most rewarding.


I have also hosted events in LA where I knew 2 people, had never been there and still to this day women have told me it was the best event they have ever been to and the most empowering and collaborative experience of their life (this happens when you are not afraid to fail even when the chips say otherwise!)


When I first started business coaching I realised that business mentoring alone wasn’t enough to create the full transformation of not only the business but for you, the woman as well. I wanted to help women BECOME the woman they knew they were deep inside of themselves but didn’t know how to get out into the world so that they could EMPOWER themselves to dream so big with their business that success was a given.

So what does the programme look like Caroline?


I’m so glad you asked…


I know this is important to you AND I know you have other commitments. This programme has been designed with the busy, professional woman in mind who KNOWS it’s time for her dream business to come to life.


Working together means you are more focused.


You get to skip the trial and error and get the most important things done meaning you actually save time and move with unstoppable speed and intention to your new business. 


Our time together will be EPIC, TRANSFORMATIONAL, EMPOWERING and something you wish you had done years ago…

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My biggest breakthroughs from working with Caroline have been thatI have really understood what it means to be grateful. I have never had a bad attitude or outlook but I realised that I was being ungrateful about my current situation. I have also understood how I am acting and thinking compared and to how my Luxe Woman would be thinking and acting and I know i keep needing to step into her every day.


Caroline made me realise there is an audience for me and my work and voice matters in the world. She also helped me step into the woman that I WANTED TO BE, the way I dress, act and how confident I feel. Before working with her I wouldn't even do a FB live and now you can't get me off them!!

The programme also gave me the confidence to step up and not be afraid of who I am. If you're thinking of working with Caroline. DO IT, you will get massive value from it and even bigger results. My mindset is unbelievable to how it was and my vision for my business in one word makes me feel POWERFUL. Caroline is down to earth, speaks the truth and you won't regret a minute working with her!

Sarah Jane Cross - Financial Director/ Newbie Entrepreneur

pic of cho for website.png

Working with Caroline has been one of the best investments I have made in myself and business ever. Caroline reminded me of my worth, my self confidence and how much what I did could really impact the world.


She supported me in getting more visible online as I knew I had to, to really see lasting change in my business and life. Since working with Caroline I have launched the only female collaborative app on the internet. I am speaking with huge investors to come on board with the app, I am showing up more for myself and my business with confidence and have over 40k women within my community that keeps growing every single day.


Not only is Caroline an amazing coach who tells you how it is which I love. She understood me too and I never felt like I was a fraud or my ideas were silly. She is supportive, full of ideas, a dream to work with and I have recommended her to a number of other women I know. She is now also one of the main mentors on my app because I believe in the transformation she gets her clients as I have experienced it for myself.

Cholee Spicer - Founder of Societygal / Femargent


How Step into the spotlight works:


  • 4 month 1:1 mentoring 

  • Starting with a 90 minute breakthrough session to get really clear on what you want from our time together and then weekly 60 minute sessions.

  • We meet 3 times a month online with 1 week designed for you to use as your implementation week, meaning every month you have 3 weeks on and 1 week off so you don’t feel overwhelmed or burned out and you have time and support to implement all you need to before our next session.

  • Unlimited email support and whatsapp support so i can review any work you do and continue to keep you in superwoman mode  and provide feedback between sessions. I am here for you and want you to succeed.

  • BONUS: Plan your first shoot: We will plan your first shoot for when you have finished the programme so you can step into the new CEO version of you right away. You will have access to my secret little black book of contacts to make your shoot run smoothly.


Or a VIP added BONUS: How about having access to a multi award winning fashion designer in your back pocket for the day? Sounds amazing right? YES i will be on hand to assist you in your shoot (location dependent) to bring your shoot to life and to help you dress like a BOSS. Please get in touch if you are interested in the VIP option.

1:1 coaching programme.

4 months - Your investment £4500 paid in full or 4 monthly payments of £1250 per month

I figure if you have got all the way to the bottom of this page (well done you!) then you are interested but also saying to yourself… Can i do this… Can i really take this leap and chance on myself!!


My answer is a RESOUNDING YES. This is your time to make things happen for you and for those around you. The only thing you need to do right now is click the button below and book your call so we can discuss how to bring your dreams to life

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